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Ocean, Church, Weekend, Bow and Arrow

In an effort to avoid spamming the group, I'm combining the last several weeks' entries into one post. My favorite, Ocean, is first:


This was the view of Molokai from our hotel in Maui. Yes, believe me, I do know how incredibly fortunate I am.


This building next to the Ritz-Carlton Resort on Maui looks like a church, but I couldn't find an identifying sign on it. It's right by the golf course; maybe it's where the golfers go to pray for lower scores?


This strikingly colored pigeon started hanging out on our balcony (or "lanai") when we arrived in Hawaii last weekend, and visited us on and off all week. We called it the Cow Pigeon.


This flip-flop (or "rubbah slippah" as they call them in Hawaii) lying across a curved root looks a little like an arrow and bow, if you squint.
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