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Smile please

September 2019



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Pumpkin Pie

wildrider in photo_scavenger

The Longest Day

This was actually a few days past the Longest Day here, but some may have heard of the big sandstorm here... This is what the back porch table looked like afterward:

In our part of town it was as though a big blanket of dirt had simply been laid gently over everything -- it's no wonder things can completely disappear in the desert!


I bet it felt like a very long day cleaning up, too.
The time of year in Phoenix when it's humid as well as hot; I was standing on the porch with a hose washing things down, not exerting at ALL, and was absolutely dipping-soaked in sweat!
I love how the yarn is there to show what white looks like. Did sand blow through the crannies into the house, too?
That's actually the new clothesline, waiting to be put up; the last one we bought apparently had no sun resistance AT ALL and was disintegrating after only a couple of months!

I'm finding grit here and there inside, but it doesn't seem too much worse than the usual weekly dust!

I watched videos of the dust cloud, and it was awesome. The massiveness of the cloud was surreal.
It was a very surreal storm, very unlike the usual -- in our neck of the city, there was only a little wind; the dirt just settled over us like God had laid a blanket over us. It turned the air orange, and it was really quiet (which is also strange). Looked like Blade Runner!
As a sci-fi fan, I would have liked to have seen that in person. Complete with Harrison Ford, of course!