August 30th, 2010



I'm afraid I'm spamming a bit - I have another 2 or 3 to post as well...

This is the world's biggest water wheel. She is called Lady Isabella and is in the village of Laxey, about 4 miles from where I live. Her role was to pump the water from the lead mines until they shut in the 1920s.

As you can see, I took this picture at the end of winter, but never used it for anything! It is hard to get the real idea of size from the picture - she is 22.1m, (72.5feet) in diameter...

Laxey Wheel

If you want to learn more about Lady Isabella Click here.
D-d does glam 2


This picture shows part of a very regular routine for our family. Daughter-dear (see icon) went back from the island to the British Mainland today, returning to college. It has been part of our routine for the past four years, and she found it harder to leave everyone here than usual this year. The routine of packing everything up, putting it into her little car, a three and a half hour sea trip, and a three hour drive to her 'second home' marks the end of summer for us.

Here are the first of the bags and boxes beginning to fill the hallway.

Packing to leave home... again.