January 23rd, 2011

Soldier - silhouette


These 2 broaches are both mine, now.

The one on the left was given by a friend of mine to his wife when he went to serve in September 1939 (having been in the Territorial Army); whilst the one on the right was bouth by my Grandfather in 1915 when he went to France, as a gift to his mother.


I wear both on November 11th each year - in memory of family and friends who served, and returned ... but those memories still linger for them.

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Okay, yes, this tree is dead and fallen. But look at him! I call it "the tree monster in the woods" because when I first caught a glimpse of it I jumped and shrieked. LOL Then I ran for my camera. I use him as my wall paper from time to time. In reality, of course, this is what's left of the root system of a rotten tree that fell only a few feet from my front yard.

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