January 30th, 2011

Cajun Croc


Hello, everyone!

I'm another recruit from the ever-talented nutmeg3, and this is my first post here!

This is a boabab tree, taken in the Animal Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World, Florida:

I was fascinated by these trees and went through a lot of the "safari" ride trying to get a good shot of one.

Another Big Week of Welcomes

I KNOW! I am posting another WELCOME post! Isn't that fantastic?! Many new people are here because of nutmeg3. Thank you nutmeg3 for being so enthusiastic about our community.

WELCOME TO ALL OF YOU!! I am glad all of you are here! If you need a reminder of our guidelines you can check them out on our user info page where you can also find a list of our past and present themes and remember you can always browse through our tags!

Please try and tag your entries with the theme (ie: rabbit) and your username (ie: mairesue). Of course, you can add your own tags as well but it makes it easier to keep the themes and photographers organized if you follow these tagging guidelines.


K Baby pic


I'm sure there are real rabbits around here somewhere - but they tend to keep a low profile at this time of the year. But almost as soon as I saw the prompt I knew what I wanted to take a picture of. This is 'Blue Bunny'.

He is looking a little the worse for wear, but that's not really surprising - he went to bed every night with my daughter from the day she got home from hospital until she was 7 or 8 - at which point he moved to the bottom of the bed - and these days he lives on a shelf in her bedroom - now almost 23 years old, like his owner.

And, I know because I have just tried, when you turn the wee key in his back he still plays Brahms' Lullaby.