February 1st, 2011



As I suspected, chances of catching an actual rabbit in the yard are very slim, so I'm going to settle for the tracks left in last week's snow. I took the pics on Sunday, so there's been some melting and distortion, but it's still possible to tell which animal made them.

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So, I was thinking of doing something about Chinese New Year celebrations in London, but it turns out I have a miserable feverish cold and I'm not going near Chinatown to infect people while they celebrate. Also, we haven't had any actual bunnies yet, and I happen to have one single bunny picture available to share:

It was exactly as damp and misty as this picture looks - the fuzzy effect is all natural. The rabbits must have been quite soggy, though they look fairly cheerful. I was inside in a house built into a hill, and this field sloped up behind the house, which is why the rabbits were pretty much at my eye level, and the angle looks slightly odd. I was definitely not lying down on that grass...

Sizing Guidelines

I have had a few suggestions about the size of pictures and how it is affecting friends pages and I can understand that concern. I also know that I do not want all the pictures under an lj - cut or all very small thumbnail. This is a photo community, after all.

I think the size that should work with most browsers is 640 wide with a variable height depending on the photo's proportions. I am hoping that this size will still be able to portray what the photographer is trying to express.

If you feel like you need to post a BIG picture to really show what you want to show then using an lj - cut is a good idea.

Keep up the great photographing! You are all doing a fabulous job.

Thanks hillarygayle Love you.
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This one had me a bit stumped. It's cold - won't see any in the wild round here! I know nobody who keeps rabbits. I don't have any soft toys, or anything like that. I don't even have a rude rabbit! I thought I was going to have to miss this week. But then I remembered that I had some rabbit rubber stamps that I have coloured in and made into a birthday card... so you get a picture of that. If I do come up with anything really interesting, I will edit this post and put a second pic behind a cut.

But in the meantime... here's my pic.