February 4th, 2011

Behind again

Week 5 - Rabbit

I had no idea what do for this week's challenge. We have wild rabbits down by the lake sometime, but I've no idea if there are any around right now. I don't have any stuffed bunnies, or bunny whatevers, or so I thought.

Sunday was a full day, and around the time I served dinner I realized I had not taken a photo for my 365 project. I started taking photos of this little fellow, and halfway through hollered, "It's a rabbit!" and started laughing. A rabbit it is, of sorts, one that my Mom collected on her 90th birthday. It's really a flower, on a stem. The blue "collar" is really petals. Perfect for a "winter" rabbit.

After the discussion regarding picture size, I guess mine will go under a cut.

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