February 6th, 2011



I have been worrying all week about what to do for rabbit. (I will worry even more about taxes!)

I do have plenty of wild rabbits living here but it hasn't really been the weather for them to come out and show themselves. I suppose I could have taken a photo of a rabbit hole by one of my trees, or where they have burrowed under the garden shed.....

Then I remembered that I have a carved wooden rabbit:

It was made by Perry Lancaster who is an English artist who moved to France about six years ago. He has a sort of "standard range" of carvings and he also takes commissions. A couple of years ago he was making an owl for me for a friend's 60th and I discovered that he had a homeless rabbit. Someone had commissioned it and then not got back in contact so Perry was left with it. I thought it was rather nice, and felt sorry for him (the rabbit that is!) so he is now part of my collection. http://homepage.mac.com/perrylancaster/perrylancaster9/index.html


I have a confession to make. I thought I knew my village well as I have lived here for six years and had holidayed here so many times before. I thought I knew where the village war memorial was and set off there this afternoon with my camera. I didn't find the war memorial, but I did find a memorial and with quite a story attached.

James Ross at one time kept the Broadford Hotel, which is at the end of my road and is credited with being the home of Drambuie. There is a mixture of history, myth and legend here......
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