February 14th, 2011



I looked at this theme and thought it was going to be as hard as Taxes. All I could think of was going down the the village shop and buying a piece of heart shaped gingerbread. Then I looked at the box of tissues on my desk - thank you Kleenex.

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We are surrounded by hearts right now, but since I have a jaundiced viewpoint about Valentines Day, my heart sank when I saw the prompt this week.

But then I remembered this.

This photo is the only one I can find of Hobbitmum and Hobbitdad's Ruby (40 years) wedding anniversary. The photo was taken in my dining room in 1994. He looks so well in this picture - it's hard to believe that three and a half years later Hobbitdad was no longer with us - he was only 67 when he died.