February 21st, 2011


Heart and Taxes

My internet is playing up terribly (stabs Tesltra repeatedly!), so staying connected long enough to upload these was a challenge in itself.

I have a feeling these two were meant to be easy, lol but I had NO idea what to do for either of them, especially taxes (short of taking a photo of the outside of my accountant's building). Then I remembered that a couple of years ago my very old and much loved PC died somewhere in early July, just in time for hubby's tax return to come in-- being the wonderful sweet man that he is, he told me to go out and buy myself a new one with the money. So here is our tax return from two years ago...

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As for heart, I was a teeny bit stumped there too... Valentine's Day is not something that was celebrated over here until recently when the shops decided to start promoting it so they could get the teddy bear, flower, chocolates etc sales that their counterparts in the USA get... personally I find it rather tacky to snaffle other people's holidays in the interest of profit, and avoid it at all costs, so there was obviously no Valentine related paraphernalia to be found in my house, but I was dusting the dressing table the other day and realised that sitting on it was a lovely dressing table set my Mother in law gave me years ago for Christmas, and inside the heart-shaped crystal jewellery box was a locket that my Nana gave me many, many years ago when I was a little girl. I was going to post the locket, but as slaymesoftly beat me to it, I took a photo of the dressing table set instead.

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Behind again


At long last, here is my "Heart" contribution.

Several weeks before Valentine's day, I found a package of Star Wars valentines at my local grocery store. Intrigued, I had to buy a box in order to find out what they could be like. Now who would you give this to? :))

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