March 6th, 2011

Halloween Cat


I was, like many, having trouble with this one, but I finally figured I'd post this one, a symbol for fast living, fast spending, fast changes, and the fast life:

My Mom and I go at least once a year, sometimes more often; this was the first time I took the time to drive down the block to see the famous sign!

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My family is weird. We come from a bunch of traditions and we've lived in a bunch of places, and we borrow ideas and practices as seems fitting. So when I saw the word Forgiveness it made me think of pancakes, and I had to figure out why. Well. Dad's family is Jewish but not very religious about it,and we celebrated Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement or Forgiveness, with potato pancakes. Russian Jews, so sometimes we had blini for Maslenitsa (which is today). But we also lived in England for many years, and had Pancake Day which I think also has ties to forgiveness somehow. And then, of course, whenever my dad screwed up and wanted forgiveness for something, he'd make pancakes for Sunday brunch instead of an omelette.

So I made you all some pancakes, and took a picture of them. And now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to add some maple syrup and eat them.


I went with a photo of my grandaughter Kairi, mostly because she is growing up so fast, but also because she has just reached that stage where she moves so fast!

I was looking after her for a couple of weeks after Christmas while my daughter and son-in-law moved house, and she is so quick! My house is far from baby-proof, my youngest baby being 19 years old now, so when she's here I have to watch her like a hawk...she ran me ragged the day this photo was taken.