March 22nd, 2011



When I lived in Massachusetts I came to regard forsythia blooming as the harbinger of spring. All of a sudden, it seemed, the landscape would be dotted with brilliant bursts of irrepressible yellow, the days would be longer and I would know that finally, finally, the snow would be done.

Now that I'm in California the seasons are less differentiated and the forsythia not as prolific. Nonetheless I couldn't resist planting one in front of my house; my own private marker of seasonal shift.


Even in the city, signs of spring are stirring, though I reckon we're about a week short of full bloom for the spring blossom. I've added some little pics below the cut - trees budding, flowers just starting to open. Even the ones that look like bare twigs have the slight haze of colour that means the foliage is coming in. But in the end I liked this image the most, because the fresh new green growth for spring is so easy to spot. Hurray!


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