March 29th, 2011



This is a picture of N., our postie, delivering today.

I realised he was behind me so pulled up to take a photo. It was a rather long lens so the house in the background looks much nearer than it really is.

And continuing on the same theme. Up here Royal Mail, Parcel Force and the Post Office are all integrated so everything arrives at the Post Office in the village in a big van Collapse )

The turn around time is so quick that it isn't usually possible to reply to a letter the day it arrives; thank goodness for e-mail and fax machines.


I seem to have the hang of taking photos for a theme and moving them onto the laptop - I just keep forgetting to do the next bit. These were taken last Thursday. I will try harder.

Spring hasn't really sprung here yet. In a normal year we are probably 4 weeks behind SE England, and if it has been very cold it may be as much as 6. The temperatures haven't been too bad and there has been enough rain but it has been very cloudy so the plants haven't been getting the sunshine that they would like. The daffodils are still looking good but I used up them for Forgiveness...... My honeysuckle is greening up quite nicely but it is not photogenic at the moment - it's at the stage where it looks as though each leaf could do with a wash and polish.

So I went pottering around the back garden to see what might be showing signs of life. The Rosa rugosa seemed to be making an effort.

And looking a bit further the silver birches were probably the most forward of the trees. Collapse )

That isn't the same tree as I used for Tree, although it does have an equally good, if not better, covering of lichen. This one is younger and is in my back garden, so south facing and rather more advanced.