April 14th, 2011

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Reduce, reuse, recycle

Everyone has been doing the recycling bins, etc, so as I am late posting, I missed the boat on that one! Then I went out into the garden to top up my bird feeders and thought "Aha!!!!"

Ground feeding birds don't use my bird table - they mooch around underneath. I did put some food on my stone bench for them, or on the patio, but it makes a real mess. So, when I got my new satellite dish and the installer left the old one behind, I thought I could definitely do something with that! I took the bracket etc off and just ended up with the dish itself. Which has small holes in it ideal for drainage, and is a shallow bowl.

At the moment it has peanuts, mealworms and suet treats in it - sometimes I put raisins/sultanas, and sometimes chopped up apple. The robin and the blackbirds love it (as do the pigeons, sadly) and I think it's been a real success. Another plus is that I can put it on top of my table at night, which prevents rats coming into the garden for the easy pickings on the floor...


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