April 23rd, 2011


A Quick Admin Post

I would like to thank walkingworthy and curiouswombat for being supportive and helpful to new members of our community. Thank you.

I would also like to welcome all the new people who have decided to participate in our community! Welcome!

I am probably going to be a little late in posting tomorrow's theme as it is for me, Easter Sunday and I won't be awake very early (midnight services) and I am not at home but I will post it sometime tomorrow as early as I can.

Thanks to all of you who post those fabulous interpretations to the weekly themes! I am loving all the photos!

Happy photographing!


I had spent many days contemplating this, and then realized -- I've been re-reading some old comics, and the entire first 8 issues deal with "The Door At The End of the Universe." And as of Issue 8:



I thought that this was going to be easy. All the houses built here in the last 40 years have UPVC doors but I was sure that I would be able to find an old croft house or something traditional. Well I couldn't without being intrusive and going up people's drives.

Yesterday I thought that the door of the village Church of Scotland church would be a good idea, as it dates from 1840. But I was wrong. The entrance was actually redone in 1930 and the door replaced somewhat later with a UPVC door! I don't think I've ever noticed one on a church before.

This is the church itself. I can't work out where the original doorway, replaced in 1930, would have been.

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Apparently the church, when built, could hold 600 people. I find this difficult to believe. I know it had a gallery, which was removed in the 1930's refurbishments, but it still looks a lot smaller than that to me.