May 15th, 2011



I'd been expecting this one, and although I'd decided what the picture should be I hadn't actually managed to take it.

So on Monday I set off on the road towards Elgol and parked by Loch Slappin. As I expected there was a collection of ewes with lambs gambolling about. So I opened all the car doors and windows and sat quietly so they would get used to me. And one ewe gradually worked towards me as she was grazing and then her lamb came dashing up for a feed. I picked up the SLR, turned it on, and it told me that I hadn't got a data card in the camera. I had made a point of charging both sets of batteries, and packing the spare set, and then gone out without any of the data cards! I grabbed the compact from my bag and looked up to see a tourist mini bus pulling in beside me and I just managed a shot through the front windscreen.

The tourists got out, loudly, all the sheep ran away. The tourists all took photos of each other, so probably the lovely scenery was out of focus and within about four minutes they were back on the bus ready to repeat the performance all around the island. I didn't think my sheep would be back for a couple of hours......

They are blackface sheep, very typical of the area and very hardy.


Sliding in under the wire? Barely, I'm sure, but it's not quite midnight here. Knew what I wanted to do for this one, but had trouble locating a picture that was in digital form (and was too lazy to look for actual photos and scan one in). This wasn't my first choice, which was to show a bitch with nursing puppies, but it is a mother with some of her offspring.

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A while back, I was sitting in traffic and looking at the way the sun was reflecting in the hotel's windows, when I suddenly noticed that the moon had not yet gone... I think this pic is really quite cool.