May 22nd, 2011

Halloween Cat


I have several very weak shots of the moon (I don't have the right lens to REALLY take a good shot) sitting around and I've been pondering which of them to post, and then I remembered something.

Last year I went to the Kennedy Space Center.

So here's an actual piece of the moon:

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Last weekend my friend Lisa and I took our pack of three dogs to Dillon Beach.  It's a dog-friendly beach, and Zeke, having just moved from Colorado, had never run on the beach before, so we had to create the opportunity for him to do so.  The wind bothered Emma, my big dog (8 lbs) so she hid in the baby carrier nestled against me, but my little girl Cici (5 lbs) followed Lisa and Zeke down to the ocean, where she dipped a toe in the water before running back to tell me all about it.  We're thinking there will be many more weekends at Dillon Beach this summer.

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Meek moon


I've been away for most of the week - having a short holiday with my husband. And although it counted as a 'second honeymoon' I didn't take a single 'moon' picture.

Then I looked above my seat on the ship on the way home (there is a 3.75hour sea journey for us to get home from anywhere) - and here was the picture on the wall...


I'm sure others in the lounge must have wondered at this odd woman taking a picture of the picture on the wall - but it said 'Moon' to me straight away.

However, I did have a 'back-up plan' to post a photo taken four years ago when we had a total eclipse of the moon - Collapse )


This prompt has been giving me fits; I just couldn't find anything. I nearly fell back on another thing from the archives, but then forgot to take my camera to work and... *tears hair*. But I was looking back at some old holiday photos, and realised I can give you the Moon, the Sun, and eleven stars, all bowing down to Joseph in his dream. All in glass and lead, over 700 years old, in Bourges Cathedral. A little blurry, perhaps, and for my taste the artist has gone for a redder version of the moon and stars than I usually imagine, but I hope you enjoy it anyway!

If you want to see this in context, and in a much better image too, the guy who led my tour group has a website full of his high quality photos of stained glass. The navigation is clunky, but the photos are stunning!