June 11th, 2011



I was hoping I'd get out to the ocean this week, but didn't, so this is a couple of weeks old.  Taken at Bodega Bay, which is just a little west of my home.  It's always amazingly windy.  There's something about those stark rocks which I find quite spectacularly lovely.

notes from a small island


If we are being pedantic about it, then Ocean is a very difficult prompt for me, as I live in the middle of not an ocean but a sea. However as my daughter thought, rather profoundly for the 17 year old she was when she stood there, the water washing Cape Leeuwin in Australia, where the Indian and Southern Oceans meet, is the very same water that also washes the shores here on the Isle-of-Man! So our sea water might be your ocean water in a few months time!

Anyway, if you don't mind sea, then I have hundreds of pictures. But I thought it would be correct to go and take a new one. Except the sea wasn't doing anything very exciting this week. So here is a picture of the sea being fairly boring -


That was taken from the Marine Drive, just south of Douglas.

But I couldn't resist - so there are a few more interesting ones Collapse )