June 19th, 2011



Those who know me might be expecting a picture of the modern church I attend regularly. But just at the moment I'm in York to help my daughter get everything packed into our two cars and home, as she has finished both her BA and now her post-grad law course and is leaving what has become her second home.

I mentioned, in a comment to clodia_metelli that I could really just point a camera at random, here, and capture a church in the picture (York has 32 Anglican churches, 8 Catholic ones, and then Methodists, Baptists, Society of Friends, URC, and so on, and so on.). After I said it I tried it out by simply taking a picture from my window here in the Holiday Inn -


Yep - definitely a church! That is the church of St Edward the Confessor.

Then, this afternoon as I rounded a corner on my way from the National Trust shop I took this - which has three churches in it. The Minster, obviously, is the one on the right, the one on the left is St Michael le Belfry, and the more distant spire is St Wilfred's Roman Catholic church which is about 50 yards from The Minster.


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