June 29th, 2011


Longest Day.


Hmm - what, you might wonder, has that got to do with the longest day? Well for the young lady in the picture, my daughter, it looked as if it would be one of the longest days of her life when it was taken at 8am on Monday morning as she got ready for me to take her to our local airport. She should have been in Heathrow for much of the day, then flying on to Buenos Aires - another 13.5 hour flight - arriving about 9.45am their time the next day.

But actually today has ended up as her longest day - because that trans-Atlantic flight was cancelled due to volcanic ash, and she finally checked in at Heathrow at 5.00am this morning, flew to Madrid, changed flights, and boarded a flight to Buenos Aires there - she gets to BA tonight - about 11.35pm our time, but only 7.35pm their time - and the friend she is going to visit will probably keep her up talking until at least midnight their time - so it will have been about 24 hours since she'll have slept!