July 11th, 2011



I'm going to try to do some catching up... I haven't been taking any pictures lately because it's too hot to do anything this time of year in Phoenix, but I got stalled here because my scanner is apparently not compatible with Windows 7 (I never tried it after the upgrade) and all the pictures I have of Dad are the old-fashioned kind, being as he passed away in 1986.

But I improvised:

It was taken during WWII, on the wing of his fighter. (So not sure if it could also pass for "Nation.")
Halloween Cat

The Longest Day

This was actually a few days past the Longest Day here, but some may have heard of the big sandstorm here... This is what the back porch table looked like afterward:

In our part of town it was as though a big blanket of dirt had simply been laid gently over everything -- it's no wonder things can completely disappear in the desert!