August 12th, 2011



Oops! A bit late - life got on top of me, so to speak! This picture was taken in the hotel I stayed at for a few days - it shows a the real live herbs growing in tiny galvanised buckets on the wall of the dining room.

notes from a small island


And here is 'change'.

I think this is the only fountain I can remember seeing in my childhood. It is, as you can see, near the sea in Douglas - the capital of the island. On the rare occasions that we went to Douglas after sunset it fascinated me because the water changed colour, from red, to yellow, to blue. I think it was done with coloured lights shining up through it.

Then it broke. And was dry for about 10 years. A few years ago they mended it and now it runs again - but things have changed... now there are no more coloured lights, and even if there were it would no longer seem like magic.

But I like it anyway!


And you can see the weather was not very summery yesterday!