October 8th, 2011



Cotswold stone is often called honey-coloured in novels about living in fabulous places like Bath. Well, I lived there for two whole days this year, right next to the west front of the Abbey. And yes, I can confirm, with the setting sun on it, the stone looks like warm, golden honey. Mmmm. (This is, hands down, the best view from a kitchen window I am ever likely to have.)



Was about to be reduced to photograph of a jar of honey when I saw this in today's newspaper. The man was a hard-charging Type A real estate guy who needed something to do when the real estate market went to pot. He ended up keeping bees - first for the pollinating of his urban garden, then when he learned of the need for pollinators in the city he decided he was doing a good deed. The home grown honey became a much appreciated side effect. Behind a cut because it's kinda big. (iPhoto sucks at letting you reduce and I forgot to ask PB to do it before I copy/pasted. Next time. I promise. :)

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