October 22nd, 2011



Technically, I think, more of a stall. I was surprised how hard this prompt was to fill - but the phone booths have pretty much gone from my area, the ticket inspectors at the station no longer have a booth to cower in, and even passport photo booths are hard to find (and also generic - ours are just like the ones I saw in a 10th anniversary showing of Amelie last weekend).

But we do have semi-markets around here, popping up at weekends, some outside, some in the centre of our shopping mall. This is a peripatetic pop-up pancake stall, which is often beside the Library (and, more helpfully, a pub) in the evenings when that pitch is vacated by a greengrocer's stall. Today, it was elsewhere, near the biggest supermarket. I'm not sure what the economics of fly-by-night crepe booths are, but they are certainly cheerful and smell nice, so I hope they stick around.