October 30th, 2011



Meant to take a picture of my half-mittens made from the same yarn, but it didn't happen. So I give you this shot of a ball of yarn made mostly from the hair of dogs (some mine, some others) and a hat knitted by the wonderfully crafty people I know who spin and knit.

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Japanese snow print


Someone else has already made this tweak to the prompt - sorry about that! But I thought you might like to see two historic craft(s) in the port of Bristol, which I visited this weekend.

Two ships together - the big one is Isambard Kingdom Brunel's SS Great Britain, the origin of modern metal-hulled shipping. The teeny little wooden one over to the left is a replica of the Matthew, John Cabot's transatlantic ship, made for the 500th anniversary of his voyage from Bristol in 1497. (It's not a great picture, what with the looming weather and the fact I was on top of a moving bus at the time, but I thought some of you would enjoy the history anyway! It will enlarge, so you can see the Matthew a bit better if you click through.)


I was going to pile up the bunch of afghans and hats and scarves I've knitted and/or crocheted, and then remembered the piece of crochet I'm most proud of having accomplished:

(Just ignore the tape holding her parrot to the stand... I never have gotten a good display box for her...)

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