November 6th, 2011

First Slayer


Halloween has been really taking off here in the past 20 years or so - much more than when I was a kid when a carved pumpkin was about all you got, and trick or treating was spoken of in hushed, excited tones because nobody knew anyone who really did it.

This year, fake cobweb spray has apparently hit the market - this house was the most extreme I saw, but there were plenty with white webs all over the gardens. I just wish I'd had my camera handy when I passed a house whose only concession to Halloween was a weeny carved gem squash on the gatepost. Maybe four inches across, and so cute!



This was taken at Glenfinnan (Lochaber, Scotland, on the famous Road to the Isles) a few weeks ago.

You might have heard of Glenfinnan. It was the place where the troops supporting Bonnie Prince Charlie gathered at the start of the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion. Also the viaduct there featured in at least one of the Harry Potter films.

Remembrance 1

The memorial is by the side of the road and behind it there is a sheer drop about two houses high.

I cautiously went around the back to find the inscriptions. There are only seven names; seven went to the war and none returned. At the time the community probably only numbered 100.

Remembrance 2

By this time it had started to rain so apologies for the raindrops on the lens.