November 13th, 2011

Poppy Wreath


Just ready for going to Chapel this morning -

2011 - 317

The top poppy is the typical Royal British Legion one, the lower poppy was given to me by Tim after his summer holiday as he bought it on the Somme - they went there for the 95th anniversay of July 1st 1916 ... our Grandfather went over the top on that day.

Granddad was a member of The Northamptonshire Regiment ... and he bought the silver broach for his mother when he went to the front in 1914.  A close friend of mine, who died 15 years ago bought the other one for his wife when he went to the front in 1939.
cheap, easy, fast

one more for remembrance

For those who were curious about the inside of that striking shape of the building I posted the other day, here is a photo taken of the interior last night. There was a dinner there for all the volunteer docents and as we were sitting at the table, I looked up and said "wish there was a way to show those who wondered what the inside was like..." Hubby looked at me like I was stupid and said, "Take out your phone." Duh. So, behind the cut is a pic of the inside which, it turns out, is the ceiling of the main area and is all glass panes with a large steel column running up the middle and with models (life-size) of various aircraft hanging from the lighted area. As I suspected, the shape (from the outside) is meant to evoke the flag raising on Iwo Jima. The steel thing (inside) going up to the outside spire is meant to represent the prow of a ship.

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