December 11th, 2011

notes from a small island


There have been storms on and off for weeks - the sea often too high for the boat to sail. This means that imported items become in short supply - we may have enough milk but face a shortage of toilet paper and so on...

So I was very grateful to see this as I went to work the other morning - this is the boat going out... which means it would be coming back well loaded with trailers and containers of essentials (and luxuries of course) later in the day.

gold snowflake


One of my colleagues works closely with a small charity that provides a drop-in centre for the homeless, the almost homeless, and the needy and lonely. Last year she asked if any of us in our clinic might have any unwanted gifts from the previous year that could be wrapped and given to the people who attended the Christmas Eve session at Graih (which is Gaelic for unquestioning and unconditional love).

She got just enough, when added to some thing she had bought herself, to enable everyone to have a package to open.

This year she asked again, and left her cardboard box in the corridor. It had already been emptied once when I took this picture - this is the second lot of gifts - some are unwanted items - but others are being bought especially. I was very proud that my daughter, buying a gift for someone, realised that she could make use of a special offer to get two sets of men's toiletries at half price - so did, and gave them to me to put in the Graih box.

This year every one of those homeless and/or friendless men and women will get at least one present again. The best sort of Giving, I think.