January 1st, 2012

Christmas Tree + James



As the Christmas decs come down for our family tomorrow I would share one that is almost 50 years old ... it was bought for the Christmas I was 1 1/2 (so next year it reaches it's half century!)  This year I place it on the front of one of our clocks, in the hallway.

I am going to try to get most of the challenges done this year (crosses fingers!)

I Know


I went through my files to see if I had anything, and I did have a few choices. Decided on a shot I took in "England" (Epcot Center):

Like everyone, I think I missed more than a few prompts last year. Here's to some good pictures in 2012!
Curious Christmas


This subject confused me completely to start with. Holiday? You want suitcases? Or pictures from my last holiday, which was in the summer? Brochures for next year's holidays? They do tend to arrive hot on the heels of the Christmas cards...

And then I realised that our subject setter is American - and so doesn't speak quite the same language as me... and meant what I would think of as 'The Festive Season' or just plain 'Christmas' - and then it became much clearer!

I could actually have used this for 'red' too - but it seemed rather fun for the Festive Season.



I had intended to take my camera out and about to look for something new for this prompt - but I cannot think of anything that would be better than this, taken in the summer -

poppies 3

Although they are so red that they are almost orange - if you see what I mean!