January 2nd, 2012


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I failed miserably to keep up with the prompts last year. I am going to make a concerted effort not to fall behind this year.

This is my car, Merlyn. He's five years old now, but I still think of him as 'new'. He's a Kia Cerato and is the first new car I've ever owned.

Behind again


A great number of my photographs are from nature, and I find that in nature red is a difficult color to capture with my digital camera. I have a couple of photos from yesterday that I thought might fit the bill, but went back in my archive to find something that is really red. I'll put my more recent photos under a cut.


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One resolution for the new year is to do a better job at scavenging photos. So far so good! :-)
i want your salad

Last Year/This Year (Holiday/Red)

I'm not sure if I managed *every* prompt last year, but I didn't miss too many - so I'm keeping up the good work and posting to catch up for last week as well as this.

Holiday needs a bit of explaining - this is a photo taken on Boxing Day (a bank holiday, within the bigger Christmas holidays season), and I was on holiday (i.e. not at work), and this building is very much on holiday. Even without blowing up the image to read the inscription, English people will probably guess that it was built as a school in the late 19th century - it's quite typical of that time and architecture. But it hasn't been a school for many years now, and is a retirement home these days. The people who live there are retired but still active - so you could say they are pretty much permanently on holiday (*grumble, grumble back to work tomorrow*)!

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This is my first time posting in the community. nutmeg3 introduced me to it. I'm normally a canine photographer, so I'm hoping this will expand my horizons a bit. Here's my interpretation of this week's theme.



My first time posting, so I hope I get this right. I am determined to be more involved in LJ this year, and a weekly post can only be good for that. So, a photograph I took about two months ago. My boyfriend bought me a 'just because' bunch of roses, lovely delicate pink, white and deep red. I still haven't got to grips with my new camera - only got it in September - so I'm quite pleased with the fact that this came out so clear.

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