January 3rd, 2012

redhead face


I pretty much gave up posting the last couple of months of 2011... but it's a new year and a fresh start! Here's a shot of some of the stuff in my bedroom.


We redecorated the room several years ago, and when we were done, I hated it. It was all neutral and cold. I told the designer we worked with (who was also my yoga teacher), and she said that I just needed some red accents. She was totally right.
redhead face

Red again

Apologies for posting twice on this theme, but I remembered I had this picture in my archives and I really wanted to share it.

IMG_0644 - Version 2.jpg

I cheated a little by increasing the contrast. But the tree really was that vibrant against the shed and all the other neutral colors in the landscape.
Carolyn - Red


First time post here for me too, and I'm hoping that participating will get me back into the LJ swing of things, as well as out and about with my camera to put into practice what I tried to learn on a short course last year.

An indoor shot for this prompt, my daughter in her usual position over the Christmas holidays, re-reading one of the Twilight novels, and the red edging of the book immediately caught my attention.

P1020480 crop