February 13th, 2012

redhead face


Something about this prompt seems to invite pictures of big rocks, doesn't it? Especially the kind that show the geologic layers. Here's my contribution:


The picture is from a Sept. 2010 visit to Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas. We were there right in the middle of a sunny day, when the sun was almost directly overhead, so all my photos were very washed out . But I've just acquired Lightroom 3, so I took the prompt as an opportunity to see if I could bring out some of the colors that the photos didn't originally capture. I think it worked! In fact, I wound up deciding to bring the color down a little bit, because for a while there they were unrealistically intense.


So - earth (or Earth, if you prefer). Went for pictures of a rather spectacular part of the earth - the mountains of North Carolina. Taken near Blowing Rock/Boone on our last vacation there. I made them smaller, hope they don't bog anybody down. :)

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notes from a small island


I feel I could justifiably post any picture taken near home - after all our National Anthem begins;

Oh land of our birth,
Oh gem of God's Earth...

Here's a wee bit of the gem showing a good bit of earth, if not of Earth;

Garey Glass

The mosaic plaque says Garey Glass - Manx for Green Garden. It is in one of the public gardens within spray distance of the sea, and not terribly green just at the moment.

But, even so close to the edge, things are growing...