March 8th, 2012



We got rid of our coal fire about 15 years ago - and I have never, ever, regretted it! We do have a rather nice electric one - but getting a picture of it looking as if it has real flames is difficult.

So I went searching my files instead and something caught my eye as I skimmed through - but it turned out not to be 'fire' after all - I will, however, post it as a second, under the cut, so you can see why it drew my eye when I thought of this prompt.

This picture really is, at least sort of, relevant.


Sadly I took it with a not terribly good camera - but it is the baby fire engine from Ramsey. They do have two proper, full sized ones - whereas this looks more like a Tonka toy - you can see how small it is from the cars around it. The words on the side say 'Shirveish Mooghey as Sauail Ellan Vannin' - translated literally 'Service Extinguish and Rescue Isle-of-Man'.

It is used for going off-road to attend accidents on hills or farms, and gorse fires and so on - and is pretty neat in snow and ice too.

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