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Smile please


Photo Scavenger

52 Themes, Endless Ideas

mairesue wrote in photo_scavenger

Week: 11 Theme: Hear

Week 11 Mar 11 - Mar 17:”Hear”

hilleviw wrote in photo_scavenger


Because, really, who doesn't love a gnome with a burning hat?
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redhead face
willowgreen wrote in photo_scavenger


This amaryllis basket was supposed to be a gift for my in-laws, but somehow it got sent to me. Oh well!


I have to admit I'm enjoying its beautiful flame-colored and -shaped flowers... and, by coincidence, it's sitting right on the corner of our new firepit. I turned it on for a minute to take this picture; you can just see one of the orange flames in the foreground.

Favorite Doctor
wildrider wrote in photo_scavenger


I'm going to go completely literal:

This is our shiny new firepit, a feature of our tiki bar.

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