April 21st, 2012

Halloween Cat


Been trying to figure this one out for a while, looking around at the obvious, and then I thought of this:

This is my taste in vehicles, my new car -- my lovely wife is tolerant of me, but does not share my taste, and thinks it looks like a gangster's car.

ETA: And you can see my OLD vehicle behind her, so there's more of my taste. :)
this is the life, glory


I managed not to take a photo yesterday while in the pub with my other half, when I could have brought you a lovely pint of best British bitter. Today, all you get is the outside of a pub, one of many near me which are owned by Young's Brewery, of Wandsworth.* Young's make a fair few different types of proper beer, but their ordinary is just Bitter. As it should be.

Bitter is different to pilsner/lager beers in not being cold fermented, which is what most modern beer is, though that's a very recent development given how old beer brewing is. Bitter is ancient, authentic, fascinating and full of regional variations all over Europe. I do wish I liked the taste...

*(Actually not any longer, as the Young family ran out of willing heirs a few years ago and sold it to a Bedford brewer, Wells, who sadly closed the massive brewery in Wandsworth. But the name and range of beers very much goes on.)


Brutti-ma-Buonni and I obviously think alike. But when I went to take a picture of a good bottle of bitter I found that my favourites, like Black Sheep, don't actually have the word 'bitter' on the bottle.

But here are some cans that do...