April 29th, 2012

Face of Bo


Another tough one! Then I thought about what I pass in my own foyer every day:

My complete collection of Wheaton bitters bottle reproductions. I have only a few of the originals (very expensive!), but the repros are now old enough they've gained a collectibility of their own. My first one was unearthed in my parents' backyard when Dad was planting when we first moved in there, around 1973. Since then, I've managed to get them all.


I have to admit to doing sweet in a big way. My favourite course of most meals is pudding, and I especially love to bake.

So I was a bit spoilt for choice when it came to this challenge. Here is a picture of my most recent batch of, nicely sweet, cupcakes - baked for my daughter's recent 24th birthday.

But I have added a bit more of my baking, and a favourite example of a good pudding, or two, Collapse )