May 11th, 2012


Savory (note spelling)

No, I'm not taking the US spelling side in this, but I've managed to find some Savory for you (at least, I think it's winter savory, it might be summer savory which has a separate wiki entry)!

I say 'managed to find' not because I've bought it specially, just that I finally managed to remember in which of my various stashes of lesser-used spices I'd concealed it. Savory isn't that much used in cooking, or not the cuisines I know best, but my Mum has one recipe for baked pork chops with cider which does use it. Years ago I had a fancy to make the recipe, and discovered it was really hard to find a supply of the herb - when I did find it, it was this big jar, at least twice the size of most of my spice supplies and for something I probably use once a year, if that... As you can see by the state of it, and how full it still is, it has been unloved in the back of a cupboard for some time. Quite glad to have found it a starring role, finally!