June 2nd, 2012

Riding Jaykub


I learnt to ride, as an adult ... and never fully overcame my nerves.  I worked at a stables and owned my own horse, Jaykub (see icon) who sadly died after a year.  I did a few mini competitions at work, but only ever took him to one "proper" competition ... he was a star for me - and we came 6th (out of 8!)




2012-06-01 13.57.56

Architecture is so often male-seeming, isn't it? Tall towers, and thrusting bridges... I think Tate Modern is one of the most blatant, though. You can tell me all you like that power stations need central chimneys. I shall still raise a sceptical eyebrow and ask whether it really needs to be that... upright. *g*

(Hoping next week's prompt lets me elaborate on this, btw!)