June 10th, 2012



Another hard one! I've only been to one outlying part of Europe - England! (and Wales). So I had to go to my pics from our trip to the UK (was it really that many years ago already?) for one of my many pictures of a castle. Castles in whatever state of repair they may be, say "Europe" to me. So here you go -

Adventure before dementia


Most of my photos I have posted have been taken for the challenges, however the one of a couple of weeks ago had me looking in my pc for this picture I took of my Dad about 5 years ago.  We were on a day out and stopped for a picnic, and to "spend a penny" ... and I took this as Dad was leaving the loos -

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The Sea


Because I happen to have been on holiday to Strasbourg in recent memory, I have a couple of photos of Euro institutions. This is one (part of the Council of Europe complex, I'm at least 60% sure... I was on a river trip at the time, and things have merged a bit in my brain.)

Strasbourg and Alsace 357

Okay, probably not going to rock your world. Some prettier stuff under the cut (large images, and several of them. I may have got overenthusiastic).

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