June 26th, 2012

Coat of Arms

Catch-up post--Europe and Australia


Taken in Birmingham sometime in the 70's (as if the hairstyles/clothes etc didn't give that away)..I'd guess around '78 as I know we were in England when I was 10.
My nana, my mum, my step-grandfather, me and my cousin Joe... I do remember he was in a mood that day and at one stage had everyone in a tizz as he took off to 'walk home'...home being London!


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Carolyn - Red


It's somewhere I've always wanted to go, but unfortunately I haven't got there yet and so is on my long long list of 'one day when the kids are grown' places to visit. Somewhere I have visited though is Woburn Safari Park, where there were lots of these little creatures bouncing around.

Week 25 - Australia

As my little girl said at the time - a wabbaly!