July 1st, 2012


Help for a Community Member

hilleviw needs some advice:

      Help, I need help! I was going to come back, now that I've (finally) moved, but in the interim LJ seems to have changed its photo posting protocol and no longer has a direct relationship with photobucket (which I couldn't get to work anyway), and my attept to link to a picture I posted at Facebook didn't work. Short of getting a paid account at LJ, do you have suggestions for how to post now? What's been working for people?
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Dear Photo_Scavengers,

I am looking for someone to take over my responsibilities for next year- starting January 2013. This is a wonderful community but after two years it is time for me pass the baton. The responsibilities are;
  • Posting a THEME for every week.
  • Approving or denying MEMBERSHIP for new members which usually means making sure you don't approve a bot's membership.
  • Ensuring the RULES are being followed which usually means reminding the occasional member to tag their photos.
  • Updating the theme's on the PROFILE page which I sometimes forget.
  • PROMOTING the community which I usually do on my own LJ a few weeks before the beginning of the new year and the first week of the new year.
  • Paying for a PAID ACCOUNT so that we can continue to post pictures.

This is a great community and if you think you could improve or continue in the same tradition and want to step up and take on the responsibility of moderating photo_scavenger please email me at mairesue@livejournal.com.

Your moderator,

Halloween Cat


Have always been deeply enamored of Asia and Asian cultures, but have never been there. So back to the archives, and Las Vegas, where the Bellagio does up its atrium every year for the Chinese New Year -- this year, of course, the Year of the Dragon (my year!):

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I seem to have finally resolved my technical difficulties, so yay!  This is a picture I snapped circa 1977, when my family lived in Hong Kong.  I really feel like I've missed out not being able to participate for the last three months.  I'm not even going to try to catch up, but I will try to pick a few of my favorite prompts and respond to them.