August 12th, 2012

Behind again


There's no hope now that I'll ever catch up this year, but I'll try to do my best with what remains.

This prompt is not really a fair one, anyway, because I love birds and have quite a collection of bird photos...

One of the birds you see all the time here in the States are crows. This is one of my favorite photos:

Day 25

A park ranger told me that people rarely see this bird. I found it doing a little dance in a stream at Mt. Rainier National Park. If it hadn't been moving, I probably would never have noticed it was there. This is a Water Ousel also known as an American Dipper:

American Dipper (Water Ousel)

Then there's the young crow I found one July downtown where I work. It seemed a bit lost, and didn't seem quite up to flyng, so after taking some photos of it a young couple and I shooed it away from the sidewalk and the street. Meet Juvenile Crow, aka Ol' Blue Eyes:

Juvenile Crow 2

Juvenile Crow 3


This one was a pain. We have a lot of blacksnakes in and around the house, so I thought I'd take a picture of one. Needless to say, not a snake to be found this week. I thought I was going to be reduced to taking pictures of snake skins and snake poop, but then I remembered trying to get pictures of the dozens of turtles that bask on the logs in the pond at my school. Of course, they all dove in the minute I walked out with the camera, but this guy was a little slower or a little braver - not sure which.

summer strawberries


Bear with me... We're a little lacking in reptiles hereabouts. And if dragons *were* real, they would be reptiles, so...

Forgive me?

Weekend 006

It's one of a series of animal heads by Ai WeiWei for the Chinese calendar, all twelve of which were on display last year. (Believe me, this one is more fun than the rat.)