October 28th, 2012

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Vienna Blois 014

As it happens, this is a photo I took a few weeks ago while on holiday, at a moment when I was filled with conscious contentment!

Precisely, I'm lying/sitting on an outdoor bench/seat/shape (they really don't have proper backs, but are moulded for lounging), in soft autumn sun, next to a whole bunch of cafes and museums in Vienna's Museumsquartier. And I have a book. Ergo, contentment.

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Reading 2


I could take a picture of my husband reading on his computer, or his kindle, or even a paper book. Or I could pass him the camera and he would be able to catch me reading most of this evening.

But my daughter doing so is prettier - especially in such nice surroundings.

Douglas, Sunken garden 2


Squeaking in at the last second? I thought about this all week, and it wasn't until I got home today that I realized one photo of a score sheet from the Obedience classes I was working at all weekend would have been perfect. A picture of numbers, a total, and then a chance to explain what they all meant. But did it occur to me to use the phone that was in may hand so often today to take that photo? Why, no. No, it didn't. Why do you ask? So, instead, I bring you this sign of pricing at one of the vendor's booths. Pretty lame, but the best I could come up with today: