November 18th, 2012



Let's just pretend last weeks prompt never happened, 'k, thnx....

This one is a pic of my oldest son who plays bass in a moderately successful band. They all have day jobs, but they do get paid to play now, and they have gigs all up and down the east coast. I love walking into a place and saying "I'm with the band". LOL



The band at my friend's wedding. It took me ages to get this half-decent shot of the drummer - who is a very old friend of the bride - and I admit nothing much else is exciting about the shot. Photographing bands is hard!

Zoe and Gareth April 14 2012 052

Below the cut a shot of the stage, to give you an idea of the venue. It's a gorgeous space, with a great Victorian organ (being restored now), that does double music image duty.

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