December 2nd, 2012



2012-06-01 14.03.47

Or, more accurately, plays!

These are the boards advertising the Globe Theatre's Globe to Globe festival which ran this spring/early summer and involved the performance of every one of Shakespeare's plays by a different company and in a different language. They were mostly only performed twice apiece, so it's a complex schedule! Among those you may be able to see are Anthony and Cleopatra in Turkish, Cymbeline in what I think (squints) is Juba Arabic from South Sudan, A Winter's Tale in Yoruba, Julius Caesar in Italian, Midsummer Night's Dream in Korean, Titus Andronicus in Cantonese and The Taming of the Shrew in Urdu. It was a pretty amazing insight into the impact of Shakespeare internationally, and how (if) his work translates and is translated.

(I didn't see these ones. But I did see Much Ado About Nothing in French, and Hamlet in Lithuanian. Plus Henry V in English, which closed the festival and then ran over the summer season.)