January 3rd, 2013

Fenchurch Place

Week 1 - Gateway or Entrance

One of my goals for last year was to keep up with posting on this community... and I failed in a particularly spectacular fashion (i.e. I didn't post here once last year). Gonna give it another try this year and I'm already off to a better start.

I took this photo at Kenilworth Castle on a visit to the UK back in 2006 on my old point and shoot camera. I was surprised by how well the photo managed to actually capture what I was seeing (I even had the photo printed large so I could frame it... it's hanging next to our front door).

Week 01 - Gateway or Entrance


I was pretty good last year for the first 10 months - then it all fell apart, but rather than go back, I start again and head forward!

So many people have posted gorgeous doors and gates, I thought I would take it a slightly more boring way.  My parents live in a long bungelow ... This was taken half way along, with the dining room to my left, and the kitchen ahead and right and Mum & Dad's bedroom straight ahead ...

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PS Welcome curiouswombat to the mod's seat!

notes from a small island

Week 1 - Gateway

I had intended going out and taking a new picture for my first prompt - but the weather has been gloomy and grey - so I have decided to look back at last year, rather than forward to this one...

Baddesley Clinton 19

That is in the grounds of a National Trust property called Baddesley Clinton.

This is taken from the drawbridge looking into the main courtyard of the house;

Baddesley Clinton 16

I'm sorry - I couldn't resist posting two.