January 7th, 2013



I was going to use one of my ubiquitous pics of the Japanese maples in all their fall glory, but found this instead. It seems more appropriate for the season. Maybe I'll think up something more creative before the end of the week. :)



Like many others, I failed miserably last year... I'm going to try to do better this year because I really do enjoy this community.

This is nowhere near as glamorous or ornate as most of the lovely doors and gates that have been posted so far--this is our poor little beaten-up rustic gate into our veggie patch. It was a gate in-use when we first bought the property (from memory it lead into the paddock), it has since been replaced with a nice new more horse-proof gate. When we were fencing off the veggie patch in order to save it from our overly enthusiastic chickens, we decided that we wanted to go for the rustic look, so we re-used some old fencing and the old gate.


Prompt Week 2; Branch

dougalsservant told me she liked prompts which were words that might mean more than one thing - and I think you might all, then, have fun with Branch.

Like a number of others, I think, both brutti_ma_buoni and I rather like the idea of short sets of prompts that go together - and next week's will go with this one. But I am actually also giving you an early mention of one to come, so that you can keep your eyes open. - brutti_ma_buoni suggested scissors, paper, stone as a possible set...

However - for now - Branch.

Week 02 - Branch

As the wife of a life-long railway enthusiast, I've gone for one of the alternative definitions for this one. This is a train just about to leave the station on the Swanage Railway, which is a Heritage Railway that runs on the old Purbeck Branch Line. Note the obligatory blue-anoraked train spotter!

Week 02 - Branch