January 28th, 2013




You know how just a few possessions never, ever go away? These are my left handed scissors from early childhood. Clearly, they are designed for light craft work, no more. I had another, more grown up pair, even as a kid (blue and white handles), and now have several on my desk at work (orange or black handles), culled from successive offices that bought them just for me, and segregated from office supplies lest other people get confused by the handedness of the scissors. I have kitchen lefty scissors (red), and lefty nail scissors (silver, though damned if I can find them just now, and anyway, doesn't everyone have to do one lot of nails with the 'wrong' hand?).

But these went with me to university, for no very good reason (the tin lid they are in - I realise - is a biscuit tin I had as a first year student 18 years ago, which has since done duty as my odds and sods box). And they are still always the easiest pair to find. I had two pairs, and the other is still at my parents'. They have never been sharpened. Never been fancy. But they work. They are probably functionally my oldest possession. Weird.

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