February 4th, 2013

Friendship - mucun


I have two entries for "Stone". The first shows the projectile points I've found over the years. My favorite is the teeny tiny one, which is perfectly flaked.


And here is my Amazonite. I found this lovely stone in my Pennsylvania neighborhood when I was a child, and somehow didn't lose it over the next 45 years. I only got it identified last year.


Please ignore all the dog hairs on the carpet. I do vacuum quite frequently!
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Strasbourg and Alsace 071

As we're having a bit of an ancient kings day in the UK, I thought you might like this: from the museum attached to Strasbourg cathedral, where this statue once stood before he was brought indoors to avoid more damage. He's graphic evidence of the strength and fragility of the local red sandstone. And he's in a room with plenty of other stone walls and figures, as a bonus.