April 4th, 2013



How about a couple of fandom bags? Conventions are fun. :D


(ps, major posting problems is very frustrating, almost gave up. Both photobucket and LJ is messing with me big time)

Edit: From a Fantasy Convention in Germany, I visited 2006, 2007 and 2012. :)
James - Exam time


Doing some catch up ... so a few pics to come today!

The first is this one I took of my Dad in his study area - studying his book (Double points!!).  For those who don't know him, he is 88, suffering with Alzheimer's and is just going through the final draft of a Bible Study Book he has written.

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This was a hard prompt to decide what to photogarph and then at lunch I spotted the picture on my parents wall - My mum painted it (and sadly now only has partial vision), and is of the 5 homes they have lived in during their 61 years of marriage.  Although, during the week I live in my own place I have (and do) live in all 5 homes.

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The last of my pictures for today (and I think I am up to date again!) ... this bag was made for me for my 40th birthday by my best friend.  She is both artistic and lives horses ... having also taught me to ride, and soon after I got this bag was there when my beloved Jaykub (see icon) had to be put to sleep ... she then lent me a horse for the next 8 years till I moved away and gave up riding.

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